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Hundreds of Micro-Pillows Keep You Cool and Comfortable

Micro-Pillow Cover

The Cerys cover is zippered on all four sides so it can be easily removed and washed. Can you do that with your current mattress cover? And even more important than the convenience of a fully removable and washable cover is its unique, cooling construction. The Cerys mattress cover is designed to provide maximum ventilation and comfort for the sleeper, helping to create air-flow between the sleeper and the mattress, a crucial first step toward full-mattress ventilation. Combined with our pinhole ventilated natural latex and our cooling, gel-infused, open-cell structure memory foam, the Cerys cover helps create a cool and comfortable night's sleep, even when the summer is at its hottest.

But more than just cool, it's comfortable! The micro pillows create a luxurious but supportive surface, the perfect complement to the ultra-high quality sleep layers beneath. Just looking at that cushioning makes you sleepy!

The Cerys cover is OEKO-TEK certified cover, ensuring a pure and toxin-free material - especially important because the cover is the material you'll touch and feel more directly than any other component of the mattress.

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