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The Cerys by SleepPros Latex and Memory Foam Mattress

Natural Latex and Memory Foam Mattress!

The Cerys mattress by SleepPros is the result of 25 years of experience and thousands of mattresses sold. The Cerys mattress combines the health and sleep benefits of natural latex with cooling, open-cell, gel-infused memory foam, all in a durable, affordable, and comfortable mattress. These two top-of-the-line sleep materials work with a high-density base layer to support your body where it needs it and give where it doesn't. When the Cerys became the most popular mattress for employees, even more popular than mattresses that retail for multiple thousands of dollars, we knew we had a winner!

So, how do we do it? We start with our fully removable, washable, OEKO-TEX certified cover, quilted in its distinctive micro-pillow pattern. The first thing you feel when you lie down, our micro-pillow cover not only provides a cushiony top layer, it helps create air-flow between you and the mattress. If you want to sleep cool and comfortable (and we all do!), mattress ventilation is key.

Beneath the micro-pillow cover lies approximately one inch of natural latex. Dust mites do not like latex, making it naturally hypoallergenic. Latex is also naturally resistant to fungi, yeasts, mold, and mildew, so if you are an allergy sufferer, latex is for you! But it's not just healthy, latex is arguably the most supportive and comfortable sleep material in the world. Latex's natural resistance supports pressure points (like hips and shoulders) while at the same time contouring enough to keep your spine in proper alignment as you sleep. Hundreds of pinholes let air flow through our OEKO-TEX certified latex, another way our mattress is designed to sleep cool.
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We use cooling, open-cell, gel-infused memory foam - the highest quality and most expensive memory foam available. Why? Because cheap memory foam will sleep hot! Our memory foam is produced through a sophisticated and complex process that creates a breathable, open-cell structured foam. Remember, we care about air flow! That's the key to a cool, comfortable night's sleep. Additionally, cheap memory foam does not provide the same level of support: millions of gel beads add to the density of our foam, creating a more durable, more supportive material. Our cooling, gel-infused memory foam cradles you, allowing pressure points like shoulders and hips to sink in, but filling in to support your lower back and spine. The ultra high-quality memory foam works with the latex and base layers to keep your spine in alignment while you sleep. No more achy backs!

The Cerys is compressed into one, easy to manage box. If you are an Amazon Prime member, it will ship to your door in two days - free. You can easily transport the mattress to any room in your house: stairs or narrow hallways will not keep you from enjoying a great night's sleep. Set-up is a breeze. Simply open the box, lay the mattress on your foundation, cut open the plastic wrap and let the mattress decompress. It's that easy. Give the Cerys by SleepPros a try today. You'll be glad you did.

The SleepPros way includes our promise to you:

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    All of our mattresses include not only the highest quality components possible, but a simple and honest money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. No gimmicks, no sales pressure, high-quality products. Questions? Put our expertise to work for you. Live chat us or send an email to Valued_Customer@SleepPros.com.

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