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Air Adjustable Mattress Air Chambers and Support System

Air Adjustable Mattress Air Chamber Three ViewsAir chambers themselves are an outstanding main support system. Many people find that the baffles and overall construction of a quality air chamber (see a description of our chambers below) are far superior to metal coils. The chamber's contour to the sleeper's body, helping eliminate pressure points without pushing back the way a coil spring does. Think of the pressure it takes to compress a spring. The more you compress a spring, the more it pushes back. So with a coil spring mattress, your hips and other pressure points are pushing into the mattress further than other parts of your body, and are thus actually being pushed back upon more by the springs. Air chambers do not share this property; the chambers do not use metal springs, and the rubber of the air chamber gives when it needs to, but is still supportive without pushing back against the pressure points of your body. The result is better support, a higher level of comfort, and a more restorative night of sleep.

SleepPros air mattress sleep systems help with motion transfer between sleep partners. Many couples find that they can feel when their sleep partner moves at night. SleepPros air beds minimize motion transfer, another way a SleepPros mattress can help sleep partners sleep in the same bed without negatively affecting each other's sleep.

Pregnant women often say that the support and adjustability of air beds helps them find the correct comfort level, especially as their pregnancies advance and their needs for more or less support change. Additionally, many sleepers with conditions that limit their sleep quality find that the support and adjustability of an air sleep system aids in the quality and amount of restorative sleep they get each night.

Our adjustable air chambers are simply the best in the business. Supportive and durable, the vulcanization process and the dual I-beam architecture create an extremely durable one-piece chamber, and the square-pillow surface created by the cross-baffling means even support from head to toe, and side to side.

The features of our adjustable air mattress chambers include:

  • Thick and durable, our air chambers provide a full 6 inches of air suspension! The vulcanization process creates a seamless, one-piece construction that is extremely durable and virtually eliminates air leakage. Made with natural latex bonded to an outside layer of natural cotton, our air chambers are soft and luxurious to the touch.

  • The dual-sided "I" Beam sealing process bonds two layers of canvas and two layers of rubber. The heavy-duty I-beams connect the top and bottom of the air chamber, creating an extremely durable baffling system. Compare to the singe I-beam construction of the Sleep Number bed.

  • The chamber borders are double-sealed. A 1.25 inch seam is then reinforced with another 1.25 inch seam for maximum strength and a reliable support system that will provide years of trouble-free use.

  • Air Adjustable Beds Foam RailsThe square-pillow surface is designed to support the body evenly from head to toe, side to side, and at the edges of the chamber, regardless of air level! This design also allows sleeping in the center of the mattress with no sensation of rolling to the middle or to the edge, providing proper support and keeping the sleeper's spine in proper alignment.

  • The air hose is sealed to the air chamber with special flexible rubber at the time of manufacture, creating a single unit with no external connections, a design that limits the possibility of air loss, but still retains the full range of movement.

  • The air hoses are reinforced with embedded surgical steel coil. The kink-free design improves pump life by reducing strain on the motor, not to mention reducing strain on the sleeper from having to deal with kinked air hoses!

  • The barrel connector, easy to connect and remove, locks to prevent accidental disconnect during use but allows for easy disconnect when necessary.

  • The Twist-N-Lock connector houses the unique seal that prevents the back flow of air. The air chambers will remain inflated when removed from the pump - no need to deflate the chambers when moving the bed from one location to another or when servicing the air pump.

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