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Comfort Controls

Digital Air Bed Pump and Controls

The SleepPros Digital Air Bed Inflator is as quiet as a whisper. Sound-dampening insulated walls virtually eliminate noise, while a suspended motor and rubber feet minimize vibration. The result is air sleep adjustability with virtually no noise from the pump.

Each control wand includes a digital LED (Light Emitting Diode) readout that is easy to see, even in a darkened room, making it simple to check the firmness level of your side of the bed at any time. The controls are user friendly and ergonomically designed to fit into your hand comfortably.

Each digital air bed control allows the user to select one of 50 scientifically accurate (measured in millimeters of mercury) comfort set points - a huge range of firmness options, but with the micro-control necessary to find the firmness level that is just right for you. Compare this to the Sleep Number bed, whose controls are not scientifically accurate.

The digital air bed controls also include a sleep-memory function, which allows instant selection of each sleeper's favorite firmness level, as well as an auto-fill mode, which lets the user instantly fully inflate the mattress for that made-ready look at the touch of a button.

The SleepPros air pump utilizes a leak-proof cam-lock fitting - no leaks, no how. The cam-lock fitting is super easy to use - a gentle twist locks the air hose into the pump snuggly and securely. Removing the hose from the pump is just as simple, and the pump's internal pressure valve will keep the air chamber inflated when the air hose is removed.

This incredibly high-quality digital air inflator comes standard with every SleepPros air sleep system. No need to upgrade to get all the features and quality you could ask for!

NOTE: Make sure the digital air inflator is acclimated to room temperature for 24 hours prior to attempting to operate. Failure to do this may result in the digital air inflator not functioning properly.

SleepPros Air Mattress Digital Air Bed Controls Include:

  • Automatic Bed Fill

  • Memory - Remembers Your Comfort

  • 50 Scientifically Accurate Comfort Set Points

  • Ergonomic Controls

  • Led Digital Readout

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