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Compare our Air Sleep System to the Sleep Number Air Mattress

Sleep Number Air Mattress Comparison

We can state with confidence that SleepPros offers the most bang for your buck of any adjustable airbed system in the world!

While Sleep Number didn't invent the adjustable air mattress sleep system, their aggressive marketing and advertising has led to the Sleep Number Air Mattress becoming a very popular choice for sleepers, especially those wanting the combination of comfort and dual adjustability an air mattress sleep system offers. But is a Sleep Number adjustable bed the best choice? SleepPros air mattresses offer all of the same benefits of a Sleep Number bed, but with significant upgrades in all of the major components.

So what kind of upgrades are we talking about?

  • SleepPros air mattresses use a piston style air pump, not the "aquarium" style pump used by Sleep Number.

  • SleepPros air mattresses feature independent dual remotes with LED displays that offer 50 scientifically accurate comfort set points (measured in millimeters of Mercury). Sleep Number beds offer only 20 comfort set points, which are not scientifically accurate.

  • The SleepPros air inflation system offers four separate functions, including a "sleep memory" feature and a "bed made ready" feature. These features are only available on a Sleep Number bed by paying for a premium upgrade.

  • The air hoses for SleepPros air mattresses can be removed from the pumps without deflating the air chambers, which is particularly important if your pump requires servicing. This feature is not available in the Sleep Number bed.

  • SleepPros air mattresses use kink-free, steel-reinforced hoses. Sleep Number hoses are more likely to kink.

  • Sleep Pros air beds use barrel connectors to facilitate ease of use and prevent disconnection of the air hose from the pump versus Sleep Number's basic, snap-on clip.

  • SleepPros air mattresses feature a natural cotton surface bonded to vulcanized, 25 gauge rubber air chambers. Sleep Number air beds use 24 gauge rubber.

  • SleepPros air chambers feature an extra-strong, dual-sided I-beam design. Sleep Number mattresses use a single, reinforced I-beam design.

  • SleepPros air chambers use multi-directional baffling, a square-pillow surface that provides head-to-toe and side-to-side comfort and support. Sleep Number beds use transverse, horizontal baffling.

  • SleepPros air mattresses use interconnected foam rails - no bowing, with an edge-to-edge sleeping surface and support for sitting on the edge of the mattress.

  • SleepPros air mattresses come standard with a high-end, natural, anti-allergenic bamboo cover. Sleep Number air mattresses use a less expensive, standard ticking material.

  • SleepPros air mattresses come standard with expensive tack and jump stitching for superior luxury. Sleep Number beds only offer this feature on their premium (more expensive) mattresses.

  • SleepPros air mattresses use the highest quality latex and memory foam support materials available.

We invite and encourage you to compare the Sleep Number air mattresses to the SleepPros air mattress sleep systems. The quality we provide throughout is hard to beat, as are our prices. Please contact us via email or by calling 800-419-9392 We look forward to talking with you soon!

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